Non-invasive 3D scanning

for securing clean and resilient built environment

See what lies under buildings and infrastructure

Deep Scan Tech gives you an unprecedented 3D view of the underground, easily from the surface. You can scan a new area planned for development or even see under existing buildings. Securing the foundations of your project has never been so quick and easy.


No need to break structures with measurements done from the surface

3D Visibility

Create views of internal structures, materials, soil types and moisture

Quick and easy

Scan large areas quickly, reliably and staying in budget

About the technology

True condition of infrastructure is often unknown due to the simple fact that no one can see what lies underground, and these underground problems such as leaks, moisture, polluted soil, soil movements and deteriorating foundations can slowly develop to catastrophic consequences if they go unseen.

Deep Scan Tech offers its clients in various global industries unprecedented 3D views of the underground, easily from the surface. Our solution allows us to scan beneath the ground or even beneath existing buildings and infrastructure, revealing critical information, such as soil layers, moisture content, foundations of buildings, underground structures, the depth of bedrock, groundwater levels, and potential risks to infrastructure. The results can be integrated into your CAD and BIM models for seamless support of planning and project management.

Securing the foundations of any project in the built environment has never been so quick and easy.

Determining bedrock level

Our scans can produce underground maps of bedrock level, easily scanned from the surface. No more unpleasant surprises when the shovel hits the ground.

Mapping soil layers

Deep Scan Tech can create layer-by-layer maps of the soil at your site for optimal planning of projects. There are no blank areas that are left by traditional methods, such as borehole studies.

Finding humidity sources

Humidity is a common issue affecting the health of infrastructure and buildings. We can reveal in 3D the location of humidity as well as root causes of humidity problems such as potential leaks or environmental factors such as rock and clay formations that impact underground water movements.

Examining underground structures

Deep Scan Tech can reveal the location and condition of and potential hazards related to various underground structures. Missing information is no longer a problem with up-to-date situational awareness.


Deep Scan Tech focuses on inspecting and ensuring the quality, condition and functionality of built environment. Areas of application include: new and existing buildings, historical areas and constructions, infrastructure, various applications of concrete, material layer surveys, high humidity facilities, soil and rock.


Secure existing or new infrastructure with scans of the foundations. Using Deep Scan Tech's solution, you can get underground 3D views of a new area planned for development or even see under existing structures.


See what lies underneath your buildings or under a new development. Deep Scan Tech makes it possible to investigate the condition of structures below the ground level or, for example, accurately locate sources of humidity from the environment.


Measure and locate problems with pinpoint accuracy before taking action. For example contaminated soils can be studied to find the extent of contamination and high risk spots for leaks detected.

Soil investigation

Quickly find out what types of soil layers are within an examined area, including also moisture content. The scans also reveal potential underground structures and their condition.


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